Green Energy

Nature itself provides a lot of natural sources such as sunlight, wind rain, tides, plant, heat and geothermal heat. All the energies derived from these natural sources can be termed as green energy. Green energy includes solar energyhydropowerwind energywave energytide energygeothermal energy and many more naturally occurring. This form of energy is renewable; easily available that is they can be replenished naturally as compared to fossil fuels which are finite with diminishable period. With the emerging development in this field we can see a future scope with the less dependence on the conventional sources such as coal, oil and natural gas. Green energy can be termed as clean energy with minimal impact on the environment as compared to fossil fuels which produce pollutants such as greenhouse gases which leads to the climatic changes.  It often uses the sources present worldwide including the rural and remote areas. With the advancements in the development of renewable technologies, there has been a downfall in the cost of solar panels, wind panels, wind turbines and other sources of green energy resulting in the more dependence on renewable sources. It won’t be wrong to say in coming time ahead, green energy may replace the major area of application of fossil fuels such as electricity, water and heating.