It won’t be wrong to say that our life is totally relied on the renewable energy starting from hot water, heat, or rather fuel for the transportation.  There are many reasons which can easily prove the importance of renewable energy but one of the main reasons for its usage and importance is that it can be harnessed without releasing the harmful pollutants. This source of energy can be repeatedly used and naturally replaced. Although conventional energy has been used from the past era but now there has been a shift to the renewable resources. Renewable energy has a huge role in the climate change. It helps in reducing the climatic changes. For example, being non-renewable fossil fuels are being used over the past years which is not only too expensive but also causing the pollutants in environment. To avoid the usage of fossil fuels we can go for the renewable source like biodiesel which is not only accessible but also eco-friendly and balancing the nature cycle further improving the energy security. In our day to day life we are using the renewable energy such as energy generation, hot water/space heating, motor fuels, and rural energy services. Thus we can easily say that renewable energy is becoming one of the alternative source of energy which is easily available, cheap and most importantly eco-friendly.